Recent Earthquakes

This page has traces of recent earthquakes recorded by my seismometers. You can look at the little thumbnails or download the raw data files. The raw files are in PSN format, which requires special software for viewing (check here if you don't already have a viewer).

I'm quite busy and so sometimes the events on this page won't be so recent! A better place to look for earthquakes recorded by me would be at the PSN archive. Event files ending in .fb0, .fb1, or .fb2 are from my seismometer. fb0 and fb1 files are from the homebuilt Lehman long period seismometer, and fb2's are from my 4.5Hz geophone (purchased in the PSN geophone group buy).

Hector Mine, CA Earthquake Sequence of Oct. 16, 1999

DateTime (UT)MagDistLocation/Comments
99/10/16 9:46 7.1 185km Hector Mine, CA
See image above Woke me up, but no damage.
98/11/29 14:11 7.6 12750km SOUTHERN MOLUCCA SEA
Even though this quake hit on the other side of the planet, my seismometer was able to pick it up!
98/02/03 03:02 6.1 2815km NEAR COAST OF OAXACA, MEXICO
98/01/10 08:20 6.4 3288km GUATEMALA
Nice clean trace of a big quake in Central America.
98/01/04 06:12 7.0 9841km LOYALTY ISLANDS REGION
A big quake in the South Pacific. I could still see evidence of the quake over two hours after it happened. You can see the PPP, SS, and SSS waves pretty clearly on this trace (if you know where to look!).

Note that due to the peculiarities of my recording setup, some of the files have gaps in them. These look like straight diagonal lines that last for six to ten seconds. Also note that the thumbnails displayed above are not all at the same scale; I have stretched or compressed them so they look nice.

Click here for more recent earthquake traces by other PSN stations. These are all in PSN format, follow the link above for a viewer if you need one.

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