Moonglow Observatory (Warrensburg, Missouri) All Sky Camera

Now you can have an All Sky Cam too, thanks to Moonglow Tech's new All Sky Cam!

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Date/Time: 05/29/20 9:23a Central, Sun: rise 5:53a, set 8:33p
Outdoors: temp 68.3F, hum 74% , dewp 59.7F, solar 425 W/m
Rain: 0.00 in, year 19.74 in, Winds: NNE at 0.0 mph, 10min avg 0.0
Extremes: high 68.3F, low 52.6F; Peak winds: gust 2.0
Indoors: temp 75.6F, hum 51% , Baro: 30.202 in
Forecast (unreliable!):
Mostly clear with little temperature change.
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