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Solar Eclipse Conference 2004 Audio Recordings

By Fred Bruenjes

Presenters on stage

The files linked below were recorded at the 2004 Solar Eclipse Conference, held in the Berrill Theatre at the Open University Milton Keynes in the UK. For general information about the conference, please click here. These recordings were made with an inexpensive MP3 recorder, not professional sound recording equipment, so please accept my apologies for the audio quality. To save a file to your local computer, right click an 'MP3 file' link and select 'Save Target As...'. These mono 32kbps MP3 files should be compatible with virtually any player. If you do encounter a problem saving or playing a file, please contact me.

Link Time Presenter(s) Title Length File Size
MP3 file Friday 20:00 Jean Marc Lariviere (Canada) Moving Eclipses - Eclipses in Films 49:21 11.3MB
MP3 file Friday 20:40 Babak A Tafreshi and Hamid Khodashenas (Iran) Shadow in the White Continent 34:42 7.9MB
Link Time Presenter(s) Title Length File Size
MP3 file Saturday 9:00 Patrick Poitevin, Jay Pasachoff, and Barrie Jones Opening SEC2004 10:21 2.4MB
MP3 file Saturday 9:10 Daniel Fischer (Germany) Getting your own AU with transits of Venus 17:47 4.1MB
MP3 file Saturday 9:30 Glenn Schneider (USA) EFLIGHT 2003 - The Umbra on Ice from 35,000 ft 34:10 7.8MB
MP3 file Saturday 10:00 Eckehard Schmidt (Germany) Nuremburg - its history of solar eclipses 27:40 6.3MB
MP3 file Saturday 11:00 Bob Shambora (USA) Novo eclipse expedition 33:16 7.6MB
MP3 file Saturday 11:35 Rob van Gent (The Netherlands) Early Examples of Eclipse Mapping 31:42 7.3MB
Link Time Presenter(s) Title Length File Size
MP3 file Saturday 13:40 Chris O'Byrne (Ireland) A calculator and timer for eclipse day 22:03 5.0MB
MP3 file Saturday 14:00 Marcos A Penaloza-Murillo (Venezuela) Radiative response of the sky and of the surface during the Solar Eclipse of 3 February 1916 at Tucacas and during the Solar Eclipse of 26 February 1998 in the Paraguana Peninsula on the Western Caribbean Coast of Venezuela 30:12 6.9MB
MP3 file Saturday 14:30 Jean Paul Goddard (France) and Martine Tlouzeau (France) Eclipses through Philately 19:44 4.5MB
MP3 file Saturday 14:50 Jay Pasachoff (USA) Solar Eclipse Science 39:05 8.9MB
MP3 file Saturday 16:00 Ralph Chou (Canada) Eye Safety - Transmittance data, reports of eye injuries, law suits and more 37:01 8.5MB
MP3 file Saturday 16:30 Leo Dubal (France) Questioning Ancient Eclipse Records 33:56 7.8MB
MP3 file Saturday 17:00 Friedhelm Dorst (Germany) Three Exciting Black Moons 31:44 7.3MB
MP3 file Saturday 18:00 Mike Foulkes (UK) and Derek Hatch (UK) Eclipse Imaging - 20 years of trying to improve 35:25 8.1MB
MP3 file Saturday 18:40 Nigel Evans (UK) Flash 24:55 5.7MB
MP3 file Saturday 19:00 Jay Anderson (Canada) 2005 and beyond - a look at eclipse weather prospects for the next five years 31:08 7.1MB
Link Time Presenter(s) Title Length File Size
MP3 file Sunday 9:00 John Tilley (UK) and Luca Quaglia (Italy) Solar Eclipse Explorer 39:19 9.0MB
MP3 file Sunday 9:40 Serge Koutchmy (France) Towards a higher spatial resolution in coronal total eclipse imaging 40:00 9.2MB
MP3 file Sunday 10:50 Tom van Flandern (USA) View from the edge - The special phenomena that make totality so spectacular 38:08 8.7MB
MP3 file Sunday 11:30 John Parkinson (UK) A Sideways Look Back at the 1999 Eclipse in the UK 26:17 6.0MB
Link Time Presenter(s) Title Length File Size
MP3 file Sunday 13:40 Fred Espenak (USA) Eclipse Predictions for 2005 and Beyond 36:30 8.4MB
MP3 file Sunday 14:20 Vojtech Rusin, Milan Minarovjech (Slovakia) and Miloslav Druckmuller (Czech Republic) Image Processing 53:01 12.1MB
MP3 file Sunday 15:30 Richard Stephenson (UK) Historical eclipses - then and now 43:59 10.1MB
MP3 file Sunday 16:10 Peter Hingley (UK) Picturing Eclipses - 500 years of Eclipse Imagery 43:46 10.0MB
MP3 file Sunday 17:00 Patrick & Joanne Poitevin Closing SEC2004 7:54 1.8MB

Open University Berrill Theatre

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