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Comet Bruenjes
Comet C/2012 C2 (BRUENJES)
Eclipse '10
Eclipse '10
SSSP '10

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Solar Eclipses seen by Fred Bruenjes

One of my hobbies is astronomy, a branch of which is chasing solar eclipses. Solar eclipses occur when the Moon passes in front of the Sun in the course of its orbit. About once or twice a year there is a narrow strip across the Earth where an eclipse is visible. For more information about eclipses in general, please visit Fred Espenak's Mr. Eclipse website. Below is a table of solar eclipses I have observed, attempted to observe, or plan to observe. Links to full reports are available.

NEW: My software for controlling cameras during an eclipse is now available.

PhotoEclipse DateTypeSawLinksMy LocationNotes
No photo.1991 July 11Total50% Partial Colorado, USAIt darkened a little.
1992 January 4AnnularSunset annularPhotoSan Diego,
California, USA
  32° 49' 46" N
  117° 4' 36" W
Impressive, right at sunset. I watched from near centerline within the path of refracted annularity.
No photo.1994 May 10AnnularClouded out
of 83% partial
San Diego,
California, USA
  32° 49' 29" N
  117° 6' 19" W
It got pretty dark.
2000 December 25Partial14% PartialPhotoRamona,
California, USA
  33° 0' N
  116° 49' W
Only saw a small nick taken out of the Sun. Yawn.
2001 June 21Total3m 34s
PDF hi,
PDF lo
Landless Corner,
  14° 52' 57" S
  28° 3' 28" E ?
Saw totality from centerline. Spectacular!
2001 December 14Annular22% PartialReportNear Yaqui Pass,
California, USA
  33° 08' 08" N
  116° 22' 49" W
Had to drive like mad to get out from under clouds.
2002 June 10Annular89% Partial,
clouded out
of annularity
ReportPuerto Vallarta,
  20° 0' 54.6" N
  105° 21' 27.8" W
Was on centerline but missed annularity due to Tropical Storm Boris.
2002 December 4Total28s TotalityReport
Stuart Highway,
South Australia
  31° 9' 3.0" S
  136° 2' 1.7" E
Saw totality from centerline. Very Spectacular!
2003 May 31AnnularClouded out
of annularity
PDF hi,
PDF lo
John O' Groats,
  58° 38' 39.3" N
  3° 4' 4.2" W
Fogged out, it got dark.
2003 November 23Total1m 18s TotalityReport,
PDF hi,
PDF lo
  70° 52' 12.8" S
  11° 25' 57.0" E
Awesome totality, squashed and right on horizon. -20C ambient temp.
2004 August 20-22Solar Eclipse
MP3sMilton Keynes, UK
  52° 1' 29.9" N
  0° 42' 24.7" W
Solar Eclipse Conference was a big success. I have MP3 recordings of all of the sessions here.
2005 April 8Hybrid30s TotalityReport,
PDF hi,
PDF lo
Eastern Pacific Ocean
  1° 19' 33.2" S
  109° 30' 11.4" W
Clouds cleared minutes before totality; glorious view of chromosphere.
2006 March 29Total4m 5s TotalityReportNiger / Sahara Desert
  18° 50' 3" N
  12° 52' 12" E
A fantastically fun trip, with an insanely long eclipse.
2007 August 24-26Solar Eclipse
MP3sLos Angeles, USA
  34° 7' 6.8" N
  118° 18' 1.3" W
Solar Eclipse Conference was a huge success. I have MP3 recordings of all of the sessions here.
2008 August 1Total2m 3s TotalityReportBulgan, Mongolia
  46° 1' 20.0" N
  91° 38' 53.6" E
Awe inspiring surroundings and the most 4x4 off road fun I've ever had.
2009 July 22Total4m 8s TotalityReportMarakei, Kiribati
  2° 5' 27.7" N
  173° 18' 28.0" E
A very relaxing trip with a tense nearly-clouded-out eclipse.
2010 January 15Annular7m 41s AnnularityReportBagan, Myanmar
  21° 8' 50.3" N
  94° 51' 27.0" E
Awesome surroundings and perfect weather for a saros repeat!
2010 July 11Total4m 28s TotalityMapTatakoto, French Polynesia
  17° 21' 8.3" S
  138° 26' 32.5" W
Best corona I've seen so far!
2012 May 20Annular4m 27s Annularity Page, Arizona, USA
On centerline, perfect weather!
2012 November 13Total15s Totality Bramston Beach, Australia
Saw totality between clouds.
2017 August 21Total~45s TotalityVideoMY HOUSE!
Warrensburg, MO USA
Totality from my backyard!
2023 October 14Annulartbd Annularity Angel Peak Badlands,
New Mexico, USA
Perfect weather!
Photos coming soon2024 April 8Total3m 45s Totality Clearwater Lake,
Missouri, USA
Second total from Missouri!

(Maps provided by Fred Espenak, NASA/GSFC.)

Time in totality: 25m 19s (1519 seconds). Success rate: Totals 11 for 11, Annulars 3 for 5, Partials 3 for 4, "travelled to"s 11 for 13.


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