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Comet Bruenjes
Comet C/2012 C2 (BRUENJES)
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Eclipse '10
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17th Anniversary on the Web!


Moonglow Observatory is a small astronomical observatory run by me, Fred Bruenjes as a hobby. One of my favorite activities is taking pictures of things in the night sky through my telescope, and so I created this website to share my best pictures with you. Please start at the top or pick what most interests you:

Live image of sky from observatory. Click for info.


Feb 12, 2012: I discovered a comet!
Jul 8, 2010: Start reporting our trip to Tahiti for the total solar eclipse.
March 4, 2009: Added info about the Leonid Meteor Shower expedition.
July 23, 2008: Start reporting on Mongolian Total Solar Eclipse.
July 10, 2008: Added images from 2008 Southern Skies Star Party.
August 23, 2007: Added images of 2007 Perseid Meteor shower with 253 Perseids!
August 13, 2007: Split up meteor photos into their own page.
October 29, 2005: Added movie of Mars, the best photos I have ever gotten of the red planet.
July 23, 2005: Debut of all sky camera.
July 3, 2005: Added image and animation of Deep Impact / Comet Tempel 1 impact.
December 15, 2004: Added image and animation of Geminid meteor shower.
August 25, 2003: Added image of Mars. Updated Nebulae, Galaxies, and Clusters with newer (better) images taken with my new ST-7XME camera.
July 11, 2003: I was able to take a photo of one of the Mars Exploration Rovers enroute to Mars.
February 1, 2003: Posted photos of the Space Shuttle Columbia breakup as seen from San Diego, CA.

Please check out my home page for more cool stuff! I also have pages covering electronics and seismology.

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